Bodil Engberg Pallesen

Bodil Engberg Pallesen

Senior Researcher and Project Manager at Hemp4Tex -Sustainable Hemp Textiles – Approaching the entire value chain, Danish Technological Institute.

Specialist in plant fiber and bio-materials e.g. non-woven products. Hemp and other biomass crops. Bio-economy and circular economy, Sustainable building materials. Development of new products from plant fibers. Niche-crops and high value products. New cultivation and harvesting systems. Patent experience, Business Development and innovation. Cooperation between industry and other partners in the production chain. Project management


Hemp4Tex, supported by the Innovation Fund, will enable Danish agriculture and textile industry to produce sustainable textiles from Danish cultivated hemp.

Danish agriculture and textile industry must be presented with a fully developed concept for how to practically produce sustainable textiles from hemp, grown in Denmark. The aim is to develop a method that extends from cultivation, harvesting, processing and extraction of fibers, spinning as well as weaving and knitting of fabric. The project is supported by the Innovation Fund, and the purpose is to make hemp textiles a sustainable alternative to cotton textiles.

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