Elsa Fahlén

Elsa Fahlén is Innovation Leader for the transition to fossil free and climate neutral construction at the Local Premises Administration, the City of Gothenburg.

She has a PhD in sustainable energy systems and has several years of experience of research, development and innovation in the construction sector. Elsa is innovation leader for the preschool Hoppet, (The Hope) where one of the complementary buildings will be built using hemplime.

The innovation project Hoppet accelerates the conversion to a fossil free future.

Together with passionate partners in the construction industry, they set a new standard for how we can reduce climate impact in new projects. 

Join us to hear Elsa talk about how we all can join in on Hoppet as they continue the journey.

Watch a teaser of Hoppet being build 2021 – here!

Watch a teaser Hoppet – the first fossil free preschool being build 2021: version: here!