Kerstin Eriksson

Kerstin Eriksson, Innovation leader at Sweden Food arena, with experience from both green industry  and Life Science, holding a MSc Molecular biology and MBA in strategic planning.

Sweden Food Arena is a national arena where food industry stakeholders collaborate for an innovative, sustainable, and competitive food sector.

The arena aims to increase production and contribute to a competitive food supply chain, as well as increase employment, exports, innovation power, and profitability while achieving relevant environmental goals.

The arena jointly formulates the needs for research and innovation. See  Innovation and research agenda. As an innovation leader Kerstin Eriksson’s focuses on consortia collaboration and coordination within the food supply chain participants as well as institutes, academia, and the public sector.

The goals set up by Sweden food arena are ambitious.

 By year 2030:

  • Sweden is in the top three in innovation rankings for the food sector in Europe,
  • there are 50 new food innovations that together reach a turnover of one billion euros,
  • the food sector has created at least 50,000 new jobs in Sweden,
  • the food sector’s export share has increased to 50 percent.

 Sweden food arenas web site: Swedenfoodarena