Simon Nilsson

Simon has been a structural engineer since 2005, working with all kinds of buildings,  from the small villa to a full block. Co-owner of CM Byggkonsult a company focusing on construction design, control responsibility and project management

Simon got introduced to Eco building, and among them hemp and hempcrete, was introduced to me approximately around 2017. Simon will tell us about his work within H22 – a major initiative by Helsingborg Municipality to develop future welfare solutions aimed at improving quality of life in a smarter, more sustainable city. We will also get to hear about his building project. where he among others sustainable materials, have chosen to work with hemp as a real life pilot study on: Is it possible to build cheap and climate neutral at the same time?

As a structural engineer he often receives the perception from clients that it is expensive to build climate friendly. Simon will talk about his experiment of building as climate friendly as possible and keep the cost at a low level.

By using the waste of other projects and with materials with low environmental impact the project aims to be climate neutral from the very beginning.

The project is a studio of 30 m2 where the design of the building goes first, together with the impact of the environment. To keep the cost at a low level is a bonus which will show the building industry that we can build cheaper and better than we do today.

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