Sven-Erik Svensson

Lecturer at the Department of Biosystems & Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Research area

Methods and technology for biomass production on fields and marginal lands, where the biomass is used both for energy recovery and in biorefinery. Harvesting systems and pre-treatment methods for beet pulp, straw, hay, whole grains and industrial hemp for biogas production. Biomass production on marginal land with perennial plants for more sustainable biogas production. Jerusalem artichoke and industrial hemp as a substrate in biorefineries. Plant nutrient recycling from source-sorting sewage systems. Weed control methods in organic carrot.

– Beetroot, intermediate crops, straw, grass and whole grains as biogas substrates

– Multifunctional use of intermediate crops (nitrogen management, coal and biogas production)

– Rehabilitation of plant nutrients (biogas fertilizer, toilet water, three-chamber well sludge)

– Energy crops as biogas substrates (maize, sugar beet, whole grains, hay, etc.)

– Sustainable production of biomass for energy purposes


Biomass for energy purposes, energy crops, biogas, cycles, field machines in agriculture and horticulture (mainly tillage establishment and irrigation)


Ongoing research project

Beetroot as a biogas substrate

Intermediate crops as biogas substrates

Extruded straw and grass as biogas substrate

Grass and whole grains as a biogas substrate

Biodiversity and bioenergy on marginal land

Toilet water quality – content of 60 trace elements


Secretary for Partnership Alnarp’s subject group Bio-based Industrial Raw Materials


Master of Science in Engineering, Machine, LTU – Lund Technology University, 1982

List of Publications